Sponsors and Thank Yous

ExA Sponsors and Partners

Many thanks to these incredible Houston treasures that helped make Experimental Action possible.



Melange Creperie



The Amazing Karren Lovelady: The Marketing Queen of ExA

Performance Art Houston

The Muse Emporium 

Socially Stunning and Vanessa Van Alstyne

The Cake Station: Owner: Debra Wallace, 281-773-3918 / dwallace10@comcast.net

DonkeyPaw Screen Printing

Walter’s Downtown 

The Secret Group


Very Special Thank You to Our Community Supporters

Free Press, Daddy Issues Magazine (NSFW), EYESORE, GlasstireL.O.C.C.A.: The Law Office Center for Citizenship and Art,  Dan Workman & Phytosophie and the Invisible Man, Robert Boyd & EXU Magazine, John Bohannon, Renee Cosette Pederson, Miao Jiaxin, Jonatan Lopez, Julia Claire WallaceKarla Lozano Garza, Alison Starr, Frank Garrett

And MORE thanks!

Bill Arning, Fresh Arts, Houston Arts Alliance, Jim Pirtle, Nestor Topchy, Kelly Alison, Henry Sanchez, The Foundry, David Graeve, Jaclyn Touchstone, Joen Yang, Sarah Wayne, Anklebiters Publishing, Whatever, Mom Publishing, McKinley Faas, PFAFF, Nela Garzon, Jana Whatley, FLOODS,  Slacktivist, Dad’s Records, Jessie Perry, Bastard Mysticism, Die Werkstatt, Andrew DiMatteo, Jennifer Free, Brittani Broussard, Stoo Gogo, Emanuel Arámbula, Blue Azul, ShatteredPulse, Mitchelen Matthis, Shawna Mouser, Linda Cornflake, Sarah Welch, Jessica Griffin, Vincent Fink, Rene Cruz, Holy Krampus, Maria-Elisa Heg, Buffalo Bayou Brewery, El Rincon Social, Yet Torres, Southmorehouse, Sandy Ewen, KONA FM,  Michael Clemmons, Max Moon, Rosi Bytheway, Hayden Wright, Unna Bettie, Agnes Yit, David Collins, Etched in The Eye, ReHannah, Value Merchants, America_Online, Myk Henry, Thee McMansion and Strings Attached Corp.